11th Orchard Red Clover Bitters featured on WGN

Beverage director Josh Novy of Untitled Supper Club featured our Red Clover Bitters in his whiskey sour demonstration on WGN. The whiskey sour is available at Untitled or you can make it at home!

Whiskey Sour:

2 oz Rabbit Hole Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in PX Sherry Casks

.5 oz Gran Classico

.75 demerara syrup

.75 oz lemon

.5 oz lime

1 egg white

1/4 dropper 11th Orchard Red Clover Bitters

In a mixing tin combine all ingredients and a good scoop of ice. Shake vigorously until your hand is frosted to the glass. Separate the big and little tins. With a hawthorn pour the sour from the big tin into the little tin. Discard the ice.

Pour from the little tin into the larger tin and create the seal and shake and listen for clinking sounds. Once the clinking sounds are gone and all you hear is a fluffing back and forth. Your drink is done. Pour into a coup or large rocks glass. Dress the foam with Angostura spray or droppers. This is a good 4-5 min process.