Cream Liqueur, Hot Coffee, & Bitters

Spice up your hot coffee routine with a little cream liqueur and Birch Bark Bitters. Whether you're looking for a creative morning beverage or an afternoon pick-me-up, this combo will have your tastebuds feeling inspired.

Cream Liqueur, Hot Coffee, & Bitters


hot coffee

cream liqueur (e.g. Bailey's Irish Cream)

sugar (optional)

Birch Bark Bitters


1. Pour hot coffee into a cup. Add sugar if desired.

2. Add cream liqueur to taste and stir well.

TIP: want a little frothy cream on top? Before adding the cream liqueur to your coffee, give it a vigorous dry shake (with no ice) in a Boston shaker for 15-30 seconds. Then pour into the coffee and voile!

3. Top with Birch Bark Bitters. We recommend starting with 8-12 drops.

4. Enjoy!


Try this!

Sprinkle cinnamon or nutmeg on top for a fall/winter seasonal flavor


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