Burnt Rosemary Gin Fizz

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

A variation on the classic Gin Fizz with burnt rosemary and Red Clover Bitters that bring an herbal, smokey flavor to excite your senses.

Burnt Rosemary Gin Fizz


2 oz. gin

1/2 oz. lemon juice

1/2 oz. simple syrup

soda water

rosemary sprig

Red Clover Bitters


1. In a shaker add gin, lemon juice, simple syrup.

2. Fill half of the shaker with ice, close, and shake vigorously for 30 seconds.

3. Pour the mixture into a glass with ice and fill with soda.

4. Top with Red Clover Bitters to taste. We recommend starting with 8-12 drops.

5. Then singe the ends of the rosemary sprig until they begin to smoke and use to garnish the drink. Enjoy!

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