About Us

11th Orchard Bitters is the inspired creation of our co-founders, Janie and Chris. As Chicagoans, craft cocktail lovers, and avid foragers they wanted to create bitters that deviated from the traditional aromatic and orange bitters and instead reflected unique flavors that reconnected people to the nature around them. Placing an emphasis on local flora, sustainability, and quality was key to reintroducing flavors nearly forgotten due to mass agriculture, artificial flavoring, and inaccessibility to wild foods. 

To stay true to their dream they chose four signature flavors from plants indigenous to Chicagoland - red clovers, rosehips, birch bark, and white pine needles. 

Beyond Basic Bitters

11th Orchard Bitters go beyond the basics.

While classics like Angostura, Peychaud's, and Regan's Orange Bitters are staples in the cocktail world, much like eating pizza every night for dinner, the same old drink ingredients get stale too. Inspired by the fragrances and tastes of nature, our signature flavors are new, unique, and cannot be found anywhere else. 

Beyond Basic Cocktails

Take your bitters beyond the cocktail.

11th Orchard Bitters are so much more than cocktail modifiers and we believe that these flavors should be enjoyed by cocktail, mocktail, and non-tail enthusiasts alike! Historically, bitters have been used as medicinal potions to improve digestion, cure indigestion, and flush toxins from the body. Today, we add these flavor enhancers to our sparkling water, tea, kombucha, coffee, and zero-proof cocktails. Whether it's for a little gut-pick-me-up or for a change from the same old water routine, our bitters are like seasonings for your beverages. Daring enough to go way beyond the cocktail? Try out our bitters in your favorite cookie recipe!


At 11th Orchard Bitters we are proud to say that all of our products are made by hand in Chicago with ingredients indigenous to ChicagoAll of our products are made with wild foraged or organic flowers, barks, roots, fruits, and needles that have been hand-selected by us for the finest quality and freshness. Our wild-foraged plants are picked on private farm land or on forage-friendly public lands. Anything we cannot pick ourselves is sourced from local sustainable and organic suppliers.

And we never include any artificial ingredients, preservatives, GMOs, fragrances, oils, or colors.